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TEST: March 10 chapter 7 test

TEST: - March 11 - states, capitals, and U.S. territories - If you know that your child will not be in school that day, please have him or her let me know so the test can be given ahead of time. This is the end of the marking period.


Chapter 7 Study Guide

Completed study guide is due on the day of the test.

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Answer the questions in complete sentences. Two percentage points will be subtracted for each answer that does not restate the question. Please number the questions accordingly. Attach this paper to the top of the study guide you have written.



  1. Why did Spain want to establish a colony in Florida? (1)
  2. What were Pedro Menendez de Aviles’s goals in Florida? (3)
  3. What did the Spanish find in New Mexico? (1)
  4. Describe a hacienda in New Mexico? (2)
  5. What was the reason for the Pueblo Revolt? What was the result of the revolt? (2)
  6. Who did the French settlers learn to make birch-bark canoes from? (1)
  7. Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi? (2)
  8. How did the French try to find the Northwest Passage? (2)
  9. What did LaSalle claim for New France? (1)
  10. What made New Orleans a successful trading center? (1)
  11. What happened when the English settlers moved west? (1)
  12. What was Metacom’s goal in waging war against the settlers? (1)
  13. What caused the beginning of the French and Indian War? (1)
  14. What helped the British win the French and Indian War? (1)
  15. What was the effect of the French and Indian War on New France? (1)
  16. Describe the effects of the French and Indian War. (2)


Map Skills (21)

Know the locations of the French and Indian War Map on the back of this sheet (cities, waterways, forts).


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