Rader - ELA


Vocabulary unit homework is due every Monday.

Vocabulary test is every Wednesday.


40 Book Challenge

The Challenge:
           Your fifth grader has been challenged to read 40 books, from a wide range of genres, by the end of the school year.  40 books may sound like a lot, however, I assure you that we have the upmost confidence that your child will experience success.

Students will be given time in class each day to read.  They are also expected to read each night as part of their reading homework.  This goal can be reach by reading everyday in class and at home

The Goal:
          The goal of this challenge is to encourage each child to read a variety of books and explore new genres. Ultimately I would love to see all of my students develop a love of reading.

The Rules:
·         Each book must be read by your fifth grader! The books should be at

          their level.

·         Books must be a minimum of 100 pgs.  Picture books do not qualify. 
·         Books that are 300 pgs. or longer count as two books.
·         Record each book in the “40 Book Challenge” record sheet.
·         Books must meet the genre requirements but do not need to be read in

          any particular order. 


Research has shown that the more a child reads, the better reader they become. Also, children who read more have higher vocabularies, expanded world knowledge, and score better on standardized test.  Therefore, this year I am challenging my class to a book challenge.