About Mr. Vitkus

About ME!  Born in Chicago in the previous millennium, My wife, Marci and I moved to Florida in 1993. Working for one year in Sarasota County schools, we bought  Color My World Preschool in north Sarasota.  After having two children, we were DONE!  Lucky for us, it was the peak of the economic boom!  Marci became a cantor for the Jewish Congregation of Venice(She has a Disney princess voice, but I am not TOO biased) and I moved down the street to Emma E. Booker Elementary School.  After 12 years there, spending seven school years as the Science Lab teacher, I was hired at Pine View  school four years ago.  Sadie is going to be a freshman at UF, and Max is entering his junior year at UCF. 

Since coming to Pine View, I sponsor Odyssey of the Mind and elementary robotics.  Our team gets first chance at the robotics class later in September.

When I am not at school or thinking about school, we often are at the Asolo and FST theaters.  While my wife loves the musicals, I love the creative process of writers, directors, actors, and collaborators of music and words in musicals.


It's GONNA be a GREAT year!