5th Grade Blue Team News

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Fifth Grade Supply List 2019-2020

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!

Please find your team’s attached Supply List. You are responsible for purchasing the
required supplies for YOUR TEAM only. You will notice that there are general supplies listed
that are used for every class. Additionally, there are specific supplies for your ELA, Math,
Social Studies, and Science teachers. You only need to buy supplies for the teachers you
have been assigned. For example if you are in Ms. Drown’s homeroom you will purchase her
Language Arts supplies, as well as the supplies for science, math, and social studies.

As always, Pine View School donations are to assist in defraying the costs of supplementing
and enriching the curriculum. If you are unable to make a donation, please inform your
child’s teacher so that the supplies can be provided. The 5th grade team sincerely thanks
you for your generous support.

Please make donations using separate checks written for each specific subject, made
payable to PINE VIEW SCHOOL. Please wait until the first day of school to write the checks in
case prices have changed unexpectedly.

Language Arts: $29.00 total for the following supplemental resources:

Vocabulary Workshop ($11.00)

Ready Florida English Language Arts Student Instruction Book ($18.00)

Science: $5.00 Labs

All 5th grade students are required to carry their backpacks up and down the stairs in Building
16. It is for this reason that rolling backpacks need to be soft-sided and weigh less than 5
pounds empty and backpacks need to have working straps. Many backpacks are too
heavy for students to carry up and down the stairs. The weight of these devices results in
students pulling them down the stairs and that can result in accidents and injuries to
themselves and other people on the stairs. Most books are not required to be carried by
students at all times, and teachers will be mindful of what is required to be carried in the

Any students may bring their Homeroom Supplies only with them to “Meet the Teacher” on
Friday, August 9th.
We look forward to a fabulous fifth grade year!

The Fifth Grade Teachers ☺

Blue Team: Rader, Vitkus
(3) ½ inch 2-pocket three-ring binders with front view plastic
(2) one-inch white 2-pocket three-ring binders with front view plastic
(3) two-inch white 2-pocket three-ring binders with front view plastic
(2) packs of 8-tab dividers (social studies)
(1) plastic 2-pocket folder with prongs
(5) highlighters - yellow, blue, green, orange, pink Paper Mate Flair pens
(2) packs of pencils
(1) pack of colored pencils
(1) pencil pouch
(1) pair of scissors
(3-4) large glue sticks
(1) 3x3 Post-it Notes - any color
(1) box of tissues
(1) disinfecting wipes canister
Earbuds (no headphones)
$10 for Scholastic Math

Girls: (1) pack large-sized index cards (lined), box of quart sized baggies
Boys: (1) pack regular sized index cards (lined), box of gallon sized baggies

For Ms. Rader's ELA:
(2) 100 sheet composition books (Can be different colors, but not necessary)
(1) spiral 1-subject notebook